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The company was established in 1975 as ARNOstampi sdf. During the first years the company focused on designing and building moulds for injection moulding and blowing of plastic materials.

In 1983 the new company’s name ARNOplast srl marks the first strategic layout which the company implements with the willingness to provide clients a complete serMORSA, from the designing to the finished product.

Also in the mid 1980’s the company begins a limited production of accessories with its own brand name for professional agriculture targeted predominantly to Southern Italy’s markets.

At the end of the 1990’s, realizing the difficulties it would encounter from there on and due to sub-supply, the company carried out a second strategic turning point and decided to get the best from their own innovative capacities, presenting a new range of products with their brand for agriculture and gardening; also in this period the creation of a company dedicated exclusively to the distribution process was created, the ARNOcommerciale srl.

Today ARNOplast with head office and production plant in Rignano sull’Arno not far from Florence, together with ARNOcommerciale have acquired a position in the Italian market for the gardening agriculture systems and have commercialized their own products in all of Europe, in the Mediterranean area and in overseas countries.

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Today ARNOplast – with headquarters and production facilities in Rignano sull’Arno, not far from Florence – together with the associated company ARNOcommerciale has conquered a position in the Italian market of systems for gardening and agriculture and has come to market its products throughout Europe , in the Mediterranean Basin and in some countries overseas.

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