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  • ideal for systems with concrete pole, pressure mounting
  • it semplifies the mounting operations because it does not need ties, the tounges on the higher part hold the wires in different diameters
  • it does not alter the net links
  • high resistance to weather distress
  • dimensions (5×5): 85×90 mm
  • dimensions (6×6): 85×90 mm
  • dimensions (7×7): 83x99mm
  • dimensions (9×9): 104x113mm
1807-03012Post Cap 5x5 ECO (black)-1502400
1807-0312GRPost Cap 5x5 ECO (grey)-1502400
1807-0308Post Cap 6x6 ECO (black)-1502400
1807-0308GRPost Cap 6x6 ECO (grey)-1502400
1807-0311Post Cap 7x7 ECO (black)-1201920
1807-0310Post Cap 9x9 ECO (nero)-801280
1807-0311GRPost Cap 7x7 ECO (grey)-1201920
1807-0310GRPost Cap 9x9 ECO (grey)-801280