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  • indicated for every kind of hail system with concrete pole
  • it semplifies the mounting operations thanks to the tab of the iron wire on the top
  • it allows the mounting of the optional side protection to defend the net even later
  • available both with screws for flat net and for “capannina”
  • to avoid troubles when placing orders please write the name of the pole producer
  • dimensions: (7×7 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×8,5): 125x115x135 mm
  • dimensions: (8,5×8,5 – 9×9): 150x130x140 mm
  • dimensions: (10×12): 160x135x180 mm

1807-0727Post Cap Monviso 7x7 (no screws)64641024
1807-0728Post Cap Monviso 7x8 (no screws)64641024
1807-0732Post Cap Monviso 8x8 (no screws)64641024
1807-0731Post Cap Monviso 8x8,5 (no screws)64641024
1807-0734Post Cap Monviso 8,5x8,5 (no screws)3232512
1807-0733Post Cap Monviso 9x9 (no screws)3232512
1807-0736Post Cap Monviso 10x12 (no screws)1616384
1807-0751Mon-block (with nut and bolt)32320-
1807-0709Protection for the Monviso (1pcs)2562566144
1807-0744Double screws for Monviso/Reno/FG (10pcs)32128-
1807-0730Capannina screws for Monviso (4pcs)32320-
2008-0016Special Nut M6 (opt.)3232-
2009-0156Special screws 6x20 (opt.)3232-
2009-0182Expansion anchor 6X30 MM3232-
2009-0181Galvanized Screw  4x40 MM3232-
2003-0120Collar 6x24 MM3232-