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  • indicated for flat hail systems with wooden pole
  • it simplifies the mounting operation thanks to the screws for the locking of the iron wire on the top longitudinal wire
  • available both with screws for flat net and for “capannina” (single screw)
  • it does not alter the net links8,8 certified screws
  • dimensions (10-12 cm): 130×180 mm
  • dimensions (14-16 cm): 180×220 mm

1807-0903Post Cap Reno  Ø 10cm3232512
1807-0901Post Cap Reno Ø 12cm3232512
1807-0906Post Cap Reno Ø 14cm1616256
1807-0904Post Cap Reno Ø 16cm3232512
1807-0744Double screws (10pcs.) 32128-
1807-0730Capannina screws (4pcs.) 32320-